Seasonal #poetry

fresh peaches


Reaching up my arms

soaking in sun’s warmth

my face catching rays

I welcome these days


impatient in Springtime

they say I will ripen

I dangle and wait

hanging over your gate


fingertips meet

lips long for sweet

juicy I run

sticky chin – what fun


such a short season

never understand the reason

peaches and cream

my summertime dream


What fruit do you enjoy in the summertime???

15 thoughts on “Seasonal #poetry

  1. Moonie,
    __To agree with Patti’s comment… I enjoy all fruits, but during the summer, I lean toward wild blackberrys, and blueberrys, I enjoy their sweet / tart tastiness! (yup, sort of… Black and Blue taste bids)
    __Love the peach photo and verse… fitting flavors! _m


  2. You write about the peach, Leslie, but your words cover so much more, including and especially life itself. Personally, in summer I prefer watermelon with the juice dripping off my elbows when I wipe the dust from the rind and eat it in the field. But those were summers of long ago.


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