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Thorns and All #poetry #photography

red rose

How many loved you

the way I did

 shadowy our days

 wings of abandon

beneath the crashing waves


how many loved you

listening for your step

on lips we sipped and grazed

moon light in your eyes

melting in your gaze


how many loved you

picked away the thorns

begged you back

petals plucked  away

you left the soil to crack


how many loved you

willing your return

have to staunch the burn

no beauty in your leaving

but pain we have to learn

15 thoughts on “Thorns and All #poetry #photography

  1. I had to read your poem a few times to figure out the message. I then wrote it and read it again and finally understood what really is the poet saying.
    There is a lot of pain, the poet’s love for this person, is much more than anyone else’s, yet the person who it is directed to seem either didn’t care or failed to understand.
    Am I close to the meaning, Leslie?


    1. Ranu, I love poetry because there is an underlying mystery. Love if you chose to enter into it seems to be bound to hurt one or both people. You are wonderful at getting deep into the meaning and you go beyond the words.


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