I Can Dream… #haiku #poetry #photography

rose bud

Reach through the window

Put on my finest dress

Separate worlds


The prompt at Carpe Diem is “I dreamed I was a butterfly”

cho kiete tamashii ware ni kaeri keri

the butterfly having disappeared,
my spirit
came back to me

by Wafu

monarch 2

13 thoughts on “I Can Dream… #haiku #poetry #photography

  1. I like it, Moonie. 🙂 It’s intriguing somehow, hoping it really can be done.
    Just need to reach out of our cocoon and find the different world out there.

    Thank you for peeking in on me a while back. I am sorry for being so slow
    to return favors. But I am glad I did get here. A wonderful place.


  2. We are all butterflies… the words of haiku are like little seeds that develop and unfurl like the wings of a butterfly – like the petals of a rose or material of clothes. 🙂


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