Ebola outbreak ‘worse than we’d feared,’ CDC chief says on… | www.ajc.com

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Frieden, in his WSB Radio interview, warned that failure to control the outbreak could be catastrophic.

“This isn’t just a risk to Liberia and West Africa,” Frieden said. “With this kind of transmission, every day it goes on, it increases the risk of spread to other countries in Africa, other countries in the region.

“The impact not just from Ebola but on the delivery of healthcare, on economies, on families and societies. It’s huge. It’s absolutely an emergency.”

via Ebola outbreak ‘worse than we’d feared,’ CDC chief says on… | www.ajc.com.

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5 thoughts on “Ebola outbreak ‘worse than we’d feared,’ CDC chief says on… | www.ajc.com

    1. Well considering I was in public health and was at one time on the front line of this stuff I do believe we are closer than they will let you know. Hate to tell you but the public is the last to get the memo. Our job was to keep you appeased and work around the clock . CDC and WHO have been sitting on their (well let’s just say text books). The African countries initially infected would have done a better job at keeping things isolated – they have dealt with this before.


  1. It could be very catastrophic, yes. Hopefully the health people are working on prevention and such.

    And now… a poem for you, which I will make up on this spot, which happens to be the local library….


    i don’t know the sound of your voice
    nor how you sip your magical tea
    nor how you hold your knife and fork

    but all that crap doesn’t matter
    because your heart has sunshine for breakfast every day
    and the moondust wishes it were as cool as you, Leslie.



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