In Candlelight… #yesterday #poetry #oldage

station clock

Time stands still for no man

and yet this night

with dear friends

anticipated for so long

I look at my reflection

in a bonfire of  candles

I pass my finger tip

through yesterday

there is that moment

a hush really

 a red ball that I got at 6

rolls past

the bell from my blue bike

rings “8 years today”

puka shells

circle sweet 16

the string breaks

scattering on the sands of time

remembered treasures

I held for a brief moment

and now this eve

where I momentarily hover

looking at a girl

full of dreams

grasping for a bit more

holding on to you

before you slip away

for the first and very last time

my sandy heart

Today’s prompt for Poet’s United Wednesday Motif we celebrate an Evening Out. This post was also inspired by a haiku that for whatever reason caused me to look over my shoulder at my younger self. What would we find there if we could look at younger eyes? Would those eyes gather strength or recoil at what we had become?

18 thoughts on “In Candlelight… #yesterday #poetry #oldage

  1. This seems a very loving time together. That impression is heightened by your amazing photo. Whether your partner or parent or pet is speaking or not, time holds still and is perfect, perfect, just now as it has been often in the past. Wonderful.


  2. I really like the idea of passing one’s finger through yesterday & the thinking of that bell from the blue bike. Sometimes it is nice to take a journey into the past, hold the moments for as long as one can, before moving on! Lovely write here, Leslie.


  3. the objects that have stayed with us from long past do make time stand still when we spare a little time with them as they take us back to our past…and how beautiful it is to sit face to face with our younger self…


  4. honestly, if I took a look over my shoulder to a younger me, I would see disappointment and sadness… still I’ll give the younger me a sneer and live the moment!!! hahaha, thanks for the poem Moonie… there’s still life at 40 yeah? and 50 and 60.


  5. There is something very symbolic about passing your fingertip through the candle…the pain brief but reminds us we’re alive…and how very quickly time burns down…so many beautiful images bound together perfectly


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