The Sound of Silence #haiku #senses #photography

moon photo
evening walk

the sound of a wind chime
deep silence

© Chèvrefeuille

Beautiful notes

raindrops trip over the tune

storm passes

The last prompt for Carpe Diem’s short Vision Quest series is Deep Silence. What does Deep Silence prompt in your senses???

26 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence #haiku #senses #photography

  1. This reminds me of warm rain… gently gifting the garden with both life and entertainment 🙂

    Heads up: I’ll be posting the same haiku at both “B” and my “Daily WP” space for easier access. I’ll put a ‘b’ or ‘w’ after my name at the CD link so you’ll know which one 🙂


      1. I know it is an issue because WP and B don’t play by the same rules. That is pretty much why I got B in the first place … just to be able to visit friends who only had that.

        Starts with tomorrows’ piece. 🙂


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