No Harvest This Year #california #drought #haiku

John Deere
John Deere

out to pasture

headed for the city

furrows of weeds

fallfarms bothofs2
A normal year with water

cattle and corn

crops on the horizon

a good year

The prompt for Carpe Diem “Harvest Dusk” brought a tear to my eye. The harvest season is upon us but there are only weeds to harvest. If you haven’t heard, California has not only had a drought but the government has mismanaged water allocations so agriculture was allowed to return to weeds and sagebrush aka DESERT.  Friends in Porterville have no water out of the tap.

The good news – your grocery bills will be higher this fall!!!


13 thoughts on “No Harvest This Year #california #drought #haiku

  1. To add to the problem the counties continue to promote housing construction projects to increase the population…thereby increasing the demand for water which we don’t have…California is a desert made green with water from other areas and states…a system bound to fail.


    1. There are some communities where I worked (note I didnt live there) that had zero growth. The only land that changed hands was between family members. Sadly they are ag areas that must be suffering though they did all they could to retain the small farming community.


  2. It breaks my heart to hear of the drought — and to know that corporations like Nestle are bottling water from the region and sending it out of the area, not even caring. Still — your haiku and photos brought a smile to my heart. Especially the photo — my grandfather had an old Oliver tractor similar to that one. Great memories – riding with my grandfather. 🙂

    Great post — and I share your outrage.


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