Drink Up California #water #poetry #Californiadrought


Drink up California

I say lift your glass high

and as you do look

the politicians in the eye

mismanaged this drought

this time around

not sure what you’ll find

if you run for high ground

Drink up California

I say lift up your glass

for your  government

needs a kick in the (rhymes with glass)

the newest report

you can read it right here

Surgeon General states

“Drink your urine”  – hear hear

Drink up California

you might want to lower your glass

find a new kind of water

cows* are chewing dead grass


(*There is a new cattle urine collection system that provides “purified water)


22 thoughts on “Drink Up California #water #poetry #Californiadrought

    1. Its tragic and ridiculous. Californians know how to “do” droughts. However if you leave the spigots turned on in the North and South to water lawns then when water is needed for produce it cant be located 😦


      1. 🙂 I came across this weird cure back in the 90s … though the idea then was you were supposed to drink your own urine as it had your antibodies etc. I’ve never tried it personally … a little off putting in my opinion.


      1. It’s easy to blame the population … but in the end, they’ve been elected to administer the population and if they don’t then we should accept the fact that we live in anarchy and not have to pay good money to keep them in style … just saying.


  1. This is your best ever! What is happening in California is a microcosm of what is to come around the world, not only regarding water, but also food sources as the flora and fauna adapt to changing conditions, while we stick our heads in the hardpan.


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