News at 11 #poetry #drought #photography

and you

as the sun sets on the occurences of today

are you putting you little ones to bed

contemplating the school year ahead

are you checking your records

to make sure you have enough flu vaccine

reading up on the Ebola scene

are you shaking your head at the

26 page syllabus of first year spanish

as you finish your third ice cream dish

one your knees Thursday night

praying that none of your friends will have the shock

being the latest Christians on Friday’s  chopping block

and how will you deal with the news

what items would you run and take

preparing for  another San Francisco earthquake

you must know that water sources are failing

politics in California turn off the spout

no water for your family to drink out

food and dairy replaced by weeds

feed your family from a box

this fall don’t expect more expect high costs

disease can travel on any transportation

were so filled with misinformation

I turned off our news for the last and final time

I’ll check France 24  overseas at Nine

Valley water in a good year
Valley water in a good year





10 thoughts on “News at 11 #poetry #drought #photography

    1. I have so much more enjoyment looking back at life in our forest. Life springs forth, the early summer fawns are losing their spots, nuts are falling (Oh I guess that is happening all over).
      Enjoy the Shenandoah Fall – such a glorious time.


  1. I wish it were all a case of “Chicken Little,” but sadly too much of the nightly bad news is true. I wish they’d balance it with some good news, though.


  2. Shades of the Middle Ages … remember we all must die … repent and burn your neighbor. Alas, I exaggerate. BTW european news hounds aren’t much better than their American counterparts unfortunately … Good job on the poem (but a couple of typos dear – which said more to me than anything else about how all this is so tragic).


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