School Days #school #poetry

school bell

Ring Ring

Laughter peals of joy

balls bouncing on the playground

the bell rings feet running

time to come in

looking out the window

dreams of

what tomorrow will bring?

Ring Ring

child wonders

hoping for lifetime of new things


of a world gone by

children’s children

listen to the school bell ring

“Calling children today

come with me play”


same tone for tomorrow

take your place

amoung the ranks of students

who answered the call of the bell




I pulled this from  my archives. The school bell ringing this time of year always brings so many memories.

5 thoughts on “School Days #school #poetry

  1. Familiar sounds of children playing, laughing and the bell reminding each one it’s time to be in the classroom.
    It’s such a beautiful way to remind the children, school has reopened for another year. I can feel the atmosphere, since I taught in several schools.


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