Women’s Rights #poetry #mistreatment #nigeriangirls

girl at coffee

I a woman since I was a child

yet so often wanting to be a male

having opportunities of that sex

 was however a forbidden trail

I started as a little sprout

I’d climb the old farm tractor

wanting to feel the powerful gears

 large tires the ground’s compactor

“No you are but just a girl

 get off  that large machine

only boys and men can ride”

instead I learned to fix the thing

We may not have the same muscles

in groups as tight as men

but I assure we can compete

our minds out play many a man

woman are held back by walls and veils

girls become shields -what for?

“women can’t do many things”

though we are misused toys of war

have we not taken one step back

we women of this age

once students we at equal stance

perhaps it was just a phase

women used as young as ten

poured  out in hands that measure

virgins once now sullied used

frankly no ones pleasure

women  I call you fools

 to slavery you newly bound

these sodden rights are truly foul

into dust we are ground


With all the rights we talk about we are seeing women and young girls mistreated on a regular basis. Slavery, abduction, rape are daily occurences in our world.

7 thoughts on “Women’s Rights #poetry #mistreatment #nigeriangirls

    1. Yes I have met many men who actually have tutored and instructed women. My best friends have always been the male gender there was so much to learn from them. I am grateful for the balance in this world that is not all dark.


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