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The Winery #poetry #haiku #harvest


long days of harvest

purple fruit  teases the sun

hands are stained


purple stained

children finger paint the scene

shoes off, wine poured


shoes on, wine poured

oak casks now silent

not too tired to dance

I was reminded of the harvest at a friend’s winery a few years ago. Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem prompt Vineyards

16 thoughts on “The Winery #poetry #haiku #harvest

  1. Never knew you could fit the words “wine” and “children” so well into poem, Leslie. Purple stained hands from harvesting grapes for wine…that’s something we don’t think too much of, but so true 🙂


  2. Nifty verse, Moonie!
    __The family involvement in the harvest. Shoes off_ the grapes to juice. Shoes on_ the juice to kegs, to linger in time’s enrichment, and children paint that time. It matters little about where they were, it was /and is/ a universal happy time; the harvest of -Family Wine- .

    egri bikaver
    the bulls are shrugging
    just a color



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