Everything has a Price #water #ag #california #poetry

Comrades come and gather round

we have found water

in your thirsty ground

precious as it is to you

we will sell it back

it’s true

grow your crops

or let them die

what is it to us

if hungry children cry


Pictures speak 1000 words. These pictures are within miles of each other in California’s Central Valley.

You guessed it the beautiful water filled canal supplies water to the corporate farm.

The independent farms (family owned ) are left to go back to scrub brush.

Fracking is not helping the problem!

9 thoughts on “Everything has a Price #water #ag #california #poetry

  1. It is so wrong for one area to keep dams and block others out of the system through economics or any means. I find it so unfair that a resolution has never been reached for those independent farms! (There is an upside to fracking though; gas companies do pay premium prices for land leases where they may or may not frack, But, they pay the farmers lease money regardless. Even in small towns or villages where someone may only have a small lot. Most of the time you never know they are there except for the occasional substations. I have seen entire areas economically boom from the boost. Large farms could be saved in some areas.)


  2. California is definitely living on borrowed water. The catastrophe that awaits should serve as a lesson to the rest of the country…and the world. But will it? I doubt it. Islands sink into the ocean, people are displaced but we continue to rape resources like plundering Huns.


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