Her Headstone #poetry #death #photography

grave poetry

The words in bold I pulled from a gravestone poem written by a grieving husband to his wife who had passed so young.



I spoke your name in harmony with the birds

now the marble holds memories cold

I held you hand through the bitterest of fights

now I trace your shadow as you slumber at night

the silvery clouds reflect your smile

I hear your sweet whispered tone

rustle through the breeze

as you say my name I freeze

a shiver runs through me

soft hands reach down for an embrace

we can never quite touch

I look  toward heaven far too much

longing to catch a glimpse of love’s trace

tears wet my brow that once held warm kisses

I struggle not to throw myself on the sea away

 I am yet buoyant on life’s ebbing waves

“May I be faithful to your name  my dear

never to forget kindness sent from above

delivered treasure from the one I love

Next to you my darling reserve for me a place”



sun behind clouds

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