In Tune #poetry #kindness #devotion

award shooting star

There’s a star in the sky

 one you’ll never quite see

but it shines all the same

perfect voice tuned to “C”


you can’t hear what she sings

but the song is her own

she calls the disheartened

to draw near home


I met this fair one

not long ago in a dream

she called in the dark

I was lost so it seems


Radiance poured on a path

one that I’d never used

and I stumbled in the dirt

over unlaced running shoes


on my knees I looked up

and I saw a bright light

it came with a song

what a beautiful sight


“you will make it

I can see

not too far now

past those trees

take a left

then a right

you will find hope

past the night”


Then I saw it in a smile

someone waving all the while

open arms rescued me

finally safe, darkness free


“It is always darkest just before the day dawneth.” –  Thomas Fuller

Have you ever stumbled in the dark? It seems most of us do.  Have you ever been picked up out of the dirt? I have and am grateful for those gentle smiles that graciously moved me on my way.  If you have ever stumbled and been helped back up, remember to look for others who can use a simple act of kindness to help them continue on their way.

Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:1-2

Sharing with the Poet’s United  Poetry Pantry because they are such a welcoming bunch and Godinterest cuz it’s a place I share thoughts.

20 thoughts on “In Tune #poetry #kindness #devotion

  1. Your poems always send a beautiful message, I’m happy you found someone to pick you up in the dark.your message of picking up a stranger in the dark is well received, thank you Leslie you’re one generous soul. I’m proud to have met you, who else has the ability to spread light like you.
    Best wishes to you my great friend, may darkness never touch you!


  2. A beautiful heartfelt poem filled with sincerity. It would seem kindness and compassion is not innate in a lot of folk in spite of their endless trumpeting about spirituality, love of God etc.


  3. Oh, this is such a wonderful feel-good kind of poem! I love that there is a guide to help us find our way in the dark and encourage us to keep on walking and we will make it through. We all need this at times. Thanks for this, Leslie.


  4. This is an excellent poem, Leslie. I agree that we all go through dark times at some points in our lives and are grateful for those who help us. If we are lucky enough to be in a brighter spot, we can always share a smile and offer kindness.


  5. Love that safe, darkness free moment… how beautifully you’ve sketched the images here Leslie “on my knees I looked up / and I saw a bright light / it came with a song / what a beautiful sight”….


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