My Friend the Tree #childhood #poetry #photography

those trees


a friend was a tree

sometimes it was a “she”

while other times it was a “he”


looked up to you

and I sang to my heart’s content

you never minded all the time that we spent


you a person been

you would have complained

when on your limbs I climbed and played


little sappy

I liked how your leaves sang

you’d tickle me as I’d swing and hang


like a mighty ship

I could spy from the highest tip

trying to keep my feet from a serious slip


 you never told secrets

I could hide when I was afraid

memories in your golden boughs I would never trade

one fall leaf

The prompt for Poet’s United Mid-week Motif is Trees.

What memories do you have as a child in the trees????

33 thoughts on “My Friend the Tree #childhood #poetry #photography

  1. Oh, I have very happy memories of trees. As child every summer at vacations time with friends we could sit long time watching adults dancing….nice times. ~ Love your playful poem. :)x


  2. What everyone said, plus what a master piece of form! I love that you can read the treetop down ” once I had a tall friend” and each of those words fits in its own stanza, and each is safe place to be a child.


  3. I feel sad for children who do not grow up with trees and have them as part of play experience. You know, so many city children do not. We live in a world without a heart. Tree are chopped down for the sake of views etc . I loved you poem of the wonder of childhood. I have a beautiful tree outside my bedroom window…it adds to the quality of my life.


  4. I am lucky to have spent my childhood playing around trees and having picnics in the pines’-in our present house we had space to plant three trees -now they are taller than the roof and give us flowers and shade -my children have grown with them and I can touch them from the terrace-they keep me company inspire me for stories-tell me the seasons and are like a close friend-I am not alone-Alhamdolilah they are Divine-lovely inspiring poem here….


  5. Wonderful poem. My childhood flashed right before my eyes, me monkeying up the bottom of the tree with my short arms and legs 😀 Trees, the ones with the thick barks, are always tall and strong – they give us an impression that they will always be there for us 🙂


  6. I love this. I remember the tree I used to lie under when I was a kid. Your poem reminded me of those days. A tree definitely can be the best of friends. Forever loyal, never betraying all the trust placed in it…and oh, those childhood secrets are forever safe. Smiles.


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