I Need a Transfusion #halloween #poetry #horrorweek

re-made fuseli_nightmare



Suspended above the clouds

captive of a swoon

what magician’s trick

 hung me by the moon

life leaves me in sleep

celestial I drift

all Hallow’s calamity

my blood forever drips

blood drips



DRIP, Drip, drip…

silent as the dead

the jack-o-lantern jeers

fear we now instead

notes that gave a tip

to get inside our head

wiggle with our fears

more we have to dread

a new report we get

she shot twice in the head

little ones are dear

no hallows – early now  to bed

 Zodiac killer rips

a community is fed

killings through the years

we can only hope you’re dead

blood drips

My first poem was written before Susan put up the completion for the Poet’s United prompt: The real story what is Halloween to me? To many of us who were in the San Francisco Bay Area- Halloween meant the Zodiac killer might be on the loose. I was trying to compose a short story about this killer and what it was like as a child growing up with a killer on the loose for years. The Zodiac serial killings is a cold case; the man killed 20 (or more people) and would send chilling notes through the newspapers making his threats.


horror week


This painting is a remake of  Henry Fuseli’s Nightmare. I normally couldn’t do this to art but everyone else tends to mess around  with Fusseli.

Please forgive my theatrics- I am having way too much fun with blood this week.

And while the blood drips why not follow the grim reaper in catching some horror book giveaways over at Coffin Hop!



26 thoughts on “I Need a Transfusion #halloween #poetry #horrorweek

  1. Love! The fun and the poem which is not funny at all. That Zodiac Killer left notes that did indeed get inside one’s head, and then the people were really really dead. Only fake blood is fun. This poem teeters on the awful edge of reality.


  2. Someone’s hope we’re dead? Not funny at all…and I like the tittle. yes, we need return to reality, sort of ‘transfusion’ for sure to wake up, to start making our own decisions….


  3. Two brilliant pieces..the first particularly haunting – especially with the image. I remember in my twenties going to Halloween at the Castro – I think it may have been the last one…we should always chase life…and not drip drip from the moon I guess


    1. Thanks Sherry. yes it was a taunting to the police. Using the media and the community to increase the pressure. I believe that towns took matters into their own hands to assure safety thus the odd training of children.


  4. Scary to think he has never been caught. You write very good spooky poems. I’m watching a series on TV called the ” Fall ” about a serial killer who is a psychologist (grief counsellor) who preys on the vulnerable. I think you would like it. It is set in Ireland and stars Gillian Anderson.


    1. Oh thanks for sharing about Fall – will have to check it out.
      They just caught what they hope is a serial killer in our area. I think he killed 4 women and a 5th lived. Zodiac killed much more …


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