You Choose #poetry #death #dayofthedead

head stone

My fingers across stone

caress raised letters

your faded name 

all that was left of you

a chill ran down my spine

looking below

these arose in red

new embossed letters to…

I pondered

your bones so cold

I feared to see or hear


The embossed words:

Strike me once I bleed

Strike me twice I die

and thrice

you choose…

day of dead skull

7 thoughts on “You Choose #poetry #death #dayofthedead

  1. __Within the thought
    stone words
    holds all feeling thought
    a journey

    __Not long ago I visited my parent’s graves, and I left “my two cents.” One penny was minted the year of my father’s passing, the other was struck during the year my mother left us. Primitive, I expect… and yet, the memories remain. _m


  2. Moonie, I like it that you can turn from a horror writer to a spiritual one with such ease. I enjoyed this one for All Saints Day very much. thanks.

    Stop by and read some of my poems on my blog please. would appreciate it.



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