Harvest Celebration #november #poetry #harvest


 all the machinery is oiled

 tucked away for another year

hands are chapped and stained

jeans are beyond repair

long lines of  jars

are waiting for papa

to put away


the air is filled with spice

and the kids are keen

tonight we bundle up

jars of corn,potatoes, and beans

 given as an offering

thrown into a  pot

 we hunker down with a cup


tear off some bread

cross-legged on the ground

some laugh others holler

the tractor pulls around

“come on kids time for a spin”

young and old

jump on the hay hauler


moonlight graces the fields

smiles on the hard work

and for another year

is pleased with our effort

the bonfire no longer shy

limbs and cornstalk fuel

meeting the night starry clear


sparks seem to fly

dessert cooks on the end of a stick

marshmallows with chocolate the best

children’s gooey  hands they lick

we look into year-end embers

packing up our memories

&  bid “goodbye” to another harvest


 This weeks Poets United Midweek Motif celebrated the Bonfire. So whether its inspired by Guy Fawkes or a successful harvest gather round the fire.

Last year’s Harvest offering.

18 thoughts on “Harvest Celebration #november #poetry #harvest

  1. OwOOOO! You brought me there, into the fields, only the oiled machinery separating this harvest end from those of yore. I saw the sparks, tasted the chocolate dipped marshmallows–so gooey inside–and felt the relief of a job well done, a winter’s food set and stored, time for family fun.


  2. Ah, those end-of-season bonfires burning bright. Beautiful as they burn, but bringing in the long night of winter ahead when the fields, as well as the machinery, will rest. I remember the roasting of marshmallows, put between graham crackers and chocolate. Yum.


  3. sounds like fun times to me….food just tastes better when you had a hand in it and it was fresh out the ground…i was getting hungry thinking of the meal…a tractor ride is a treat afterward as well…and a fire…nice…

    have a lovely holiday season moonie…


  4. Reading this made me feel like I was there. Wish I had a memory like that, but we can all relate to the comfort of sharing joy with friends and family and being grateful for abundance.


  5. this got me sighing and smiling and thinking of good times away from town, up in the mountains (where our home stands back in the islands) where we would burn leaves and mowed grass in the night time and just marveling on the fire and how it glows in the night after a long day of yard work and weeding. marshmallows not included. but still kind of similar. 🙂


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