Minimally Free #poetry #photography #dpchallenge




There’s so much more

that can never be spoken

your words forever frozen

in your writing a token

dip your quill

into the sea

and pull it forth

minimally free

The Dp Photo Challenge is Minimalist

Photography and Art by L. Moon ©2014 Moondust Designs

My drawing was an attempt to emulate a beautiful sketch by Da Vinci. I’m always amazed at the mastery of this genius – what took me hours I’m sure took him minutes.

9 thoughts on “Minimally Free #poetry #photography #dpchallenge

  1. Your blue painting is AMAZING, the lift of the water is brilliant. Love the poem too…..the magnetic pull of dipping our quills – or paintrbrushes – will hopefully leave a trail of words and clues for the family archeologists who come after us.


  2. Beautiful drawing. I’m sure Da Vinci did have frustrating creative moments too… 😉 Love this poem. Sometimes there are no words to express the feelings we have – feelings are just so complex.


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