Sink or SWIM #poetry

pool lavandar

I wondered then

was I thrown into the pool at two

like I threw my dog in

to assure she wouldn’t drown

eyes bug out at me pleading for a rescue

and I knowing my parentage know

a bugged out plea

would have done little

“but she can swim”


so you see

it was really like that

sinking or swimming

is it a wonder then

when you sit on the thinker’s mat

your fingers weaving illogical actions

that you dive off a cliff

and the implications are

deeper than the sea



 launch your boat

for the first time in a storm

after all what better way to

 test if she is hail, will float

waves will crest

but then so do trials

before you tame them

in bath water mildly  hot


It’s more fun to

 get on the back of a hog

knowing little about the driver

except he is a reckless sort

you’ll ride to hell and beyond

after all isn’t that

what his jacket

says you’ll do?



at the end of the day

when you retrieve another cracked board

because someone had shouted “Surf’s Up”

you shake hands with the last rays

of the day

glad that your first lesson was

  breathing under water

receeding tide


“it’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction”

Diane Grant

Another great prompt from Susan at Poet’s United Midweek Motif – Swimming

18 thoughts on “Sink or SWIM #poetry

  1. I do recall one writer’s experience of being tossed in a lake/pool by an older sibling as a first swimming lesson…alas the writer sank towards the bottom and had to be rescued and revived…guess some folks get more caught up in the process of drowning than survival…a good poem to start my day.


  2. To live life to the fullest, I often jump in thinking if it is my time to die I would rather do it fully engaged–as did some of my heroes–than sitting around waiting. But! To be responsible for throwing someone else in? Hmm. I guess as a teacher I did that with students in creative theatre and creative writing assignments–but never in bodies of water or with rain. Your poem rose with a kind of passion I can only dream of–clearly you breathe under water and your boat is yare. This poem is a beautiful vessel for such profound thought.


  3. as they say, we are the captain of our own ship. it make take a while to learn but soon enough we are swimming through obstacles in our voyage. inspirational poem to read this morning


  4. Fantastic imagery and a lovely poem, Moon! I have a phobia of deep water. I don’t know why, I’ve had it since I was little. I’m scared of drowning. Wonder, what did the little dog do after he was tossed into the pool….awww..poor baby! But, I know, that’s the way they learn… 🙂


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