A Snail’s Pace #haiku #photography

snail trail

plenty of time

painting will be a masterpiece

come morning


leaf it on the porch

snail’s perfect midnight snack

natural lace

golden leaf


up the snail pace

don’t run like the horses

what were we thinking


snail race

Kristjaan at Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem goes out of his way to think of haiku prompts today is no exception – Snails.  This is not a true cascading haiku but each haiku has a personal basis. The last made me smile remembering children at a camp I directed racing snails – I can still hear the laughter



6 thoughts on “A Snail’s Pace #haiku #photography

  1. Lovely set of haikus, Leslie. I love how you call a leaf a snail’s midnight snack. Because that’s what snails eat, how healthy of them 🙂 Love how you make it sound like snails create artwork out of leaves as they eat them.

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