Innovation Flys #aviation #photography #history





with history

causing our minds

to fly

upside down


Today’s WordPress Photography Challenge – Converge

The plane photographs are from the Air and Space Museum – Dulles

11 thoughts on “Innovation Flys #aviation #photography #history

  1. I have always maintained this question:
    __If old inventions have out lived their usefulness, why then, do we still use the wheel? That 360 degrees of levers >converges with history< in each and every one of modern day's technologies. Love this, Moonie… as we fly up-side down!

    Life's wheel,
    half way around
    our eyes are upside down.
    Yet more and more it rolls our life,
    up right.

    __Just a quick Cinquain in complement; sorry to have taken up so much space! Smiles_m


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