The Seven Days of Christmas #3 #poetry #Christmas



On Wednesday we were winding down

but we knew there could be more

there always were a few left out

things needed by the poor

A box had been left with our name

“for all the things you do

we want to give you season’s joy

Christmas dinner for all of you”

Two turkeys and so much food

we called another friend

she always knew of those with need

on her I could depend

Last minute’s desperate call

a family without food

our anonymous delivery

provided for her brood

The next day it was Thursday

people readying for their day

so when this call came in

almost let the machine play

A man was placing the call

a home for his old car

the day after Christmas

they were moving very far

With a new baby on the way

our car wasn’t it

it worked for four of us

but the fifth wouldn’t fit

“I think it would be just right

for your growing family”

how he knew this I don’t know

when he passed a hand with keys

On this day as my husband locked

the outer office door

in the rarely used mail slot

ten hundreds on the floor


Christmas morning full of gifts

the children’s eyes were huge

the loving deeds of many folks

anonymous its true

I still give thanks

to the Lord above

for this miracle

filled with love

the important message

of those days

was the kindness

so many gave away




This is part three of three posts about a Christmas miracle that happened when my children were little. My husband and I were in charge of a non-profit that provided needs to the needy in our county. We managed to live on very little but never had extra money for socks and shoes and definitely not Christmas trees, ribbon and gifts. Our own families were very poor so they could not help us. I believe the catalyst for this 7 day miracle was the prayer of a little boy wanting his sister to have Christmas and the faith to believe it could happen.

Day 2, Day 1

Wishing you a Merry Christmas !!!!









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