Too Young #terrorism #children #poetry

frozen leaf

Chilled by the hawk’s distant cry

unwelcome wings on the horizon

life threatening wind approaches

I need no eagle eye

Frozen by the headlines

man sharpens cold steel

children trying their hand

paralyzed beyond my spine

Motionless I await

this storm front from Hell

sensible is lost in radical thought

people plead at heaven’s gate


Child beheads a Syrian captive.  Is this what our world wants 8-year-old children to do in their spare time????

Boys in all countries (including the US ) are indoctrinated as young as 8 to be gang members (which would include rape, drug dealing, killing). A patient of mine was 5 when he joined his gang.




13 thoughts on “Too Young #terrorism #children #poetry

  1. It seems we start the training early everywhere…I think about the computerized war games and other violent forms of video training provided to children…a sad statement about our world indeed.


  2. You know … this is very shocking to us, who believe that a person is sacred and a child even more so … but throughout our existence as a species, the very young have been initiated into gangs, factories and armies … not to speak of normal laboring as farm workers etc. that part is old history …. what’s new and promising is that there now exists voices that raise in protest against this brutal aspect of our human nature. Thanks for sharing.


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