They Say Laughter Heals #poetry #photography


It’s written somewhere: “all the world’s a stage”

for most of the ship’s bells

I feigned my parts well

putting on the costume required

the chameleon of your choice

“at your service sirs and ma’am”

smiles on a tray, kudos close at hand

to stroke the narcissus bloom

“mental instability” because I didn’t rub your lantern

all my gifts stirred in a vat

smiles, frowns they are just that

but refreshment comes in from the east

laugh lines are complete

no need to pretend

silliness I still can’t comprehend

laughter fills my play

rose blooms  on winter days

your warm chuckle melting rays

there’s light as the dawns rise

giggles escape like fireflies

and the sun and I over the miles

always seem to smile

color of dawn

The challenge at Poet’s United Midweek motif is “The Role of Laughter?”

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”

~Khalil Gibran~


18 thoughts on “They Say Laughter Heals #poetry #photography

  1. Oh, my. Oh, my. The roles we play become what is expected. How powerfully you put it. I love “for most of the ship’s bells.” And if the player slips and misses a stroke, punishment is swift. You’ve also captured the ironic location of power in a social strata where we may have none–secret laughter, inner life, the moon and sun, God. I love this poem which delights me. I believe it, which makes me sad.


    1. Well sounds like you caught the ravings of a mad woman this morning. I was trying so hard to be sane 🙂
      I love laughter – the real kind that trickles like a stream and at times breaks open the dam…


  2. Woe to those who do not ‘ rub the lantern ‘. Very euphemistic and gave me a good laugh. Could relate to this. Gibran quote is wonderful.Beautiful images and a lot of joy in this poem.


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