Deep is Winter #poet #winter #sorrow #Akhmatova

golden sunrise 2

Memory of the Sun

Memory of sun seeps from the heart.
Grass grows yellower.
Faintly if at all the early snowflakes
Hover, hover.

Water becoming ice is slowing in
The narrow channels.
Nothing at all will happen here again,
Will ever happen.

Against the sky the willow spreads a fan
The silk’s torn off.
Maybe it’s better I did not become
Your wife.

Memory of sun seeps from the heart.
What is it? — Dark?
Perhaps! Winter will have occupied us
In the night.

Anna what would you say of your people’s strife in Ukraine today? You who understands such chilling silences and loud absences of loved ones. You speak of a winter that you know too well.
I am just learning about this Ukranian/ Russian poet.  Anna understood the pain of having a pen that spoke for her and those she loved died because of the ink that never got a chance to dry.
Her life is winter
icicles cling to the forlorn
 spring – an idea
(out of love for Anna)
winter scene
 On the 8th the world celebrates Woman’s Day. What better way to do so than to share the work of a strong poet who suffered much at the hand of communism. I share her words with Poet’s United as well.

30 thoughts on “Deep is Winter #poet #winter #sorrow #Akhmatova

  1. I hope summer comes to us in the night and brings permanent sunshine..and warm orange…that would be a good day…that last line just lingers…sad and yet i sense with imagination it could be warned away..


  2. Is this powerful poem Anna’s writing or yours? It seems hers, but you have that power … and what a tribute to hers! I felt each chilling moment of it, as if Hell were freezing over, but it is worse–Heaven freezes, the kingdom that was and could be here and now. I think you feel the winter that she would find the Ukraine these days. Thnak you.


  3. I was reminded of Shakespeare play “Richard III’ with “Now is the winter of our discontent…” which clearly is how so many felt in the communist era and even today elsewhere in the world in Ana Akhmatova’s poem.


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