I Want to Play #ebola #children

We can help these children. Please check out the project to raise money for children orphaned by Ebola.

Fill the cracks

kids playing watermark

Give me a soccer ball

for friends and I to play

fast legs can run and dodge

keep the other team away

Oh Give me food to eat

I’m weary from disease

so many lives were lost

help us will you please

Ebola it took so much

my mommy and my dad

my little sister’s still alive

she’s really all I have

My job is to be a boy

can you lend a helping hand

please give me back my strength

so I can grow to be a man

This poem is intended to give a voice to the children who miraculously survived the dreaded Ebola disease and now have to find a way to survive each day. Can you imagine an older brother who feels responsible for his younger siblings? The weight is a burdensome one anything we can do to help will lighten the load of these dear…

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2 thoughts on “I Want to Play #ebola #children

  1. This is beautiful, Leslie, and you have captured the children’s plight so well. I love “my job is to be a boy” – and that is the only job he should have. Sadly, it is not the only job he has. I hope everyone helps, so he can be that child playing with his soccer ball.


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