Cherry Blossom Carried Away

petal walk

such a malice
cherry blossoms in full bloom
the Spring wind!

© Chèvrefeuille

scattered at my feet

arctic cold grasps pink innocence

spring picks up pieces


children dance around her

adults gather in sad fare well

hands full of beauty

her essence floats off in the basin

tears mist away

faintest pink remains

brown and bruised by the wind

© L. Moon

My Cherry Blossom offering to Carpe Diem as a Solo No Renga

And with Poets United as we celebrate the Cherry Blossom

a touch of cherry

Everyone feels grief
when cherry blossoms scatter.
Might they then be tears–
those drops of moisture falling
in the gentle rains of spring? 
For those of you poets who have not submitted yet,  we would love your poems/haiku  to encourage the orphans of Ebola. To those who have thank you !!!
A teen from the Philipines submitted a beautiful poem today I was so humbled by her desire to help.

27 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Carried Away

  1. Dear Leslie , it’s so beautiful your poem about the cherry blossom.I remember reading a poem about cherry blossom, it started with “loveliest of trees the cherry now, is hung with bloom ” I used to wonder, what’s the use of us reading about cherry blossoms, we do not have it in our country, we’ll never know what it’s like. Now I can appreciate it 🙂


    1. I read where Totomai who lives in the land of cherry trees wrote of his love for the peach blossoms. They are a fainter pink or white but equal in beauty in spring.
      The blossoms are so cheerful it is sad to bid them goodbye 🙂


  2. Beautiful! Do think badly of the wind that brings petals into dance with children and shows brown and broken to the aged–it cannot help it. Your poem captures the instant and the sadness. If the blossoms weren’t marvelous, there would be no regret. You poem is exquisite.


  3. I love your poem. It contains all the ingredients of the blossoming trees, including their demise as they get blown by the wind. This is beautiful.


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