Lost on the Train #Ukraine #poetry


Uneven are the clickity clack

as the wheels slide along rails

It’s hard not to echo silent  words

that I heard on that Crimean train

the subtle all but lost

except in the shudder of the cars

the steel sparking off the tracks

Clickity clack they gossip

“she was thrown from the train – here

they meant to kill her

but the people without faces knew

she was alive”

I caress the worn boards

wanting to hear and see

splinters had achieved their goal

men’s hearts pierced

women and children sent away

my eye captures what would have been a tear stain

had they not cut it out

tossed it after the woman

hoping all the time that society would forget

how to love life

and man would graze with the cattle

women would bray like the ass

children would not feel  freedom

of grass tickles their bare feet

7 thoughts on “Lost on the Train #Ukraine #poetry

  1. __”Something new,” overcomes the old. The old, was once “something new” that overcame the old… and on and on. and on.
    Your verse: “hoping all the time that society would forget how to love life.” And “children would not feel freedom.”
    __The NEW is always so -over emphasized- that the old is quickly forgotten by society. The –mind imprint– is to move onward .
    __Great feeling here Moonie_! My most recent post… a child feeling freedom through the OLD; a parallel. _m


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