Under the Freeway #poetry

Roosevelt quote pen


We are limited by future’s doubts

truth’s wall said something once

the words worn off

time does that

when we don’t listen

the mindless fool errodes


messages in spray paint

educated on the street

children play under the freeway

the people live in a cloud

breathing the fumes of lies

today is the tomorrow we feared



The prompt at Poets United Mid -Week motif is Foolishness.


30 thoughts on “Under the Freeway #poetry

  1. This is so profound! 🙂 Amazing pictures 😀 It adds up to the poem so nicely!!

    “today is the tomorrow we feared”

    Loved this line.. we should all strive for a better tomorrow!!


  2. Wow! I agree with everyone. You capture the writing on the wall worn off with time and what replaced it, drawing a picture of foolishness that I hope is not yet complete in reality. I can not doubt the truth of your vision as you provide and balance the evidence–but you can bet I’m going to peddle faster just in case it’s not too late! Perhaps the air is not so thick with lies that we cannot stop limiting ourselves by doubting.


  3. This is a fantastic write, Leslie. Love the photo of the words on the wall…..to go from reading that to the image of children playing under the freeway breathing noxious fumes is very powerful and truly makes one realize what we have made of this world. A wonderful contrast between the hope of the words on the wall to the reality of the words in your poem. Brilliant juxtapositioning!


    1. My mind took those shots then I had to find pictures that would fit. It is a contradictory world we live in. the fools promise so much and deliver so little (and yes our children pay the penalty.)


  4. Oh this poem pierces through lies. Those last lines are haunting, frightening. Yet you tell the truth. I agree with everything Sherry said. Your words will remain with me today.


  5. Today is indeed the tomorrow we feared – and hoped for only it probably didn’t quite turn out to be what we’d thought it would be… Very thought provoking!


  6. Lies wont matter….they wont be able to breathe the air or drink clean water in the future…more children have asthma and diseases caused by chemicals and pollution that were rare when I was a child.
    Greed avarice and profits are the cause of all of this. The media and societal forces indoctrinate us to want more and more. If we do not have material success we are labeled losers. For only $20,000 you will be able to purchase a robot to do your cooking. Saw this on the news last night.
    If I were a gambler I’d place a heavy bet you wont be getting one:)


    1. I lived in an area where the numbers of children with asthma was staggering (those were the reported numbers). People I knew who had been exposed to radiation at Chernobyl were healthier. Getting help was being handed a bronchodilator.
      Thanks Rall for your comment – no need to gamble you know …


  7. Someone once said:
    __”The final truth, is the first lie;” perhaps that would be a metaphor to your last line. (?)
    As you’ve written:
    __”When we don’t listen the mindless fool erodes.” So often we are immersed in such clamor that our minds becomes.. a pawn, without self direction. _m


      1. Kathy and I are ok… some continued and intense family care this month following Kathy’s Dad’s death… seems to be leveling out now.

        I thought I had overcome my ineptitude .
        __The first sub never registered; now… is it that the second sub (of yesterday) went astray too?


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