Under the Tulip Tree #poetry

magnolia bloom

Two lips meet beneath spring

dancing in moon’s light

 love is serenading

each day appears more bright

years pass, colors fade

hands once always clasped

 feelings stored

in moth eaten past

Under pink blossoms

 veiled in a mist

am I your joy

or prefer love desist

I can no more see

what you meant to say

in eyes that once told me

more than two lips conveyed

red tulips

Sharing this Spring poem with Poets Pantry

Photography by Moondust Designs

30 thoughts on “Under the Tulip Tree #poetry

  1. There is the sea and the shore, and each… changes with time; one would not exist without the other.
    __Your touching verse. The sensual communication can be both miswritten or misread, as aged in, years of corrosion. K and I, keep the rust away_! _m


  2. I like a bit of word play with ‘two lips’ and the idea of ‘tulips.’ And so true that eyes can really express things more than ‘two lips.’ Smiles.


  3. amazing beginning to a beautiful yet poignant poem. it made me think of a couple where one gets Alzheimers though i’m sure that’s not what you meant. the eyes do tell us so much when we’re in love.

    your photographs are gorgeous!

    happy spring, my friend!


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