May Day Joy #mayday


catching the May breeze

petals flutter like the snow

joy fills my sails

The prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is Joy and with May here there is much to celebrate!!

Happy May Day

11 thoughts on “May Day Joy #mayday

  1. Very warming and uplifting haiku, Leslie. Sounds like spring is in the air for you, your part of the world shaking away that last dredge of wintry cold. Lovely photo too, love the vivid life within it. Have a good weekend 🙂

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  2. What an absolutely breath-taking picture..! It held me speechless for quite some time 😀
    Loved the Haiku ❤
    Happy month of May to you 🙂


  3. The feeling was very nice. I sometime find similes hard in haiku about what ”is” – but here worked. The sails magnified the petals..


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