Search for Fairies #fiction

Dragon Tails and Scales

cherry overlay

I had just gotten to the good part of my dream when I heard dragon footsteps. No they weren’t part of my dream they belonged to my pet dragon.

“Em.” I could hear a giggle in his throat. “It’s raining pink outside. It’s sooo pretty.”

I opened the door and out rushed my impulsive pet. “Whoosh” went wings that were still getting acclimated to flight.

“Invisible!!!” I shouted. The big green blob vanished. “Thank you.”

What seemed like hours later, I heard a knock on the door. Breathless, Drag waddled in for a huge bowl of Cheerios topped with bananas.

“I’m making pancakes.”

“Mmm, I’d love a stack.”

Drag was not happy with puppy chow as a baby dragon so when he started eating pizza, we thought any food was better than giving him a taste of  livestock.

“Ok I’m putting blueberries in them.”

“Oh yummy.”

“So how was the flight?”

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