Unspoken Message #poetry


Does your hem leave a message

“I was here” in the dust

one last passing memory

a soft remaining touch

 your hand ever steady

sweep the last of the day

fingers part foggy mist

like a scene in a play

as our lives ever on

there is so much to say

but to friends it’s enough

gentle kiss blow your way

The prompt at A Prompt Each Day: Through Thick and Through Thin just seems what friends are and what they do…

I am grateful to each of you for the gentle words you say, the laughter you leave behind, and the Smiles!

13 thoughts on “Unspoken Message #poetry

  1. Gorgeous images there. I, too, thought of the woman with the issue of blood touching the Savior’s hem. Always hopeful of making a lasting impact on friends and, thereby, maybe a modest corner of the world. Very grateful for you, my friend.


  2. __Often, that, that you didn’t want to have happened, becomes a personal, and valued keepsake. _m

    Dust meets the damp, to stain the cloth I wear,
    This traveled dye remains, to say that I was there.


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