When All Seems Lost… #poetry

baltimore ship

holding true to course

stormy winds buffet and blow

rudder is broken

the sail

The prompt today at Poet’s United Poet’s Motif is Sustainability.

20 thoughts on “When All Seems Lost… #poetry

  1. David Hare is not the cheeriest of companions, though I do like his quote on the picture and how it expands your poem. I get the loss of direction on so much force against sustainability. Rudders do break, though they can be fixed–with a great effort and many hands. Do you think it is time to mourn? Amazing how your few words say so very much! Brilliant.


  2. Just how did they manage with full sails? Most sailors are aware that they are at the mercy of the sea, tempests and equipment failure and have to rely on their own knowledge and ingenuity.


  3. Beautiful haiku again, Leslie. Sometimes a graceful ship is one that sails the hardest, or finds it hard to sail and you captured that well in so few lines. Lovely photo too. Beautiful ship 🙂


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