Time Passages #poetry

warm dawn



moves as the sun

a round face with hands

twenty-four hours marked

if we are old we sit

the young they stand

heart beat quickly ticking

signaling minute movements

like a baby’s yawn

early before dawn

colors broaden

light behind them

 day is on time

 ebbs the flow of the tide


waits for no one

it continues on schedule

you cant catch it

it’s too fast

blink your eyes it’s past

sun rises sun falls

the chest slowly ascends

with the last breath

hands are at rest

Santa Barbara bay

But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day. ~Benjamin Disraeli

The prompt at Poet’s United today is Time. What does “Time” mean to you?


26 thoughts on “Time Passages #poetry

  1. __I truly hope all is well with you, Moonie. Your verse speaks to the real time… that which is measured by the rise and fall of each breath.

    our trove
    measured by each breath
    life trail


  2. Time is like a brisk wind.. as each passing hour brings us something new.. as time flies too fast for anyone to catch.. we can only assume to understand its pace.. its design 🙂

    Beautifully penned ❤


  3. Sun and clocks, face and hands and eyes–your images play out the cycle of life, but with a calm tone as if–though it is fast–it is not a trial to enter chasing. It has put me in a contemplative mood, though I am moving my hands swiftly over the keys, not being still.


  4. I love both the baby’s yawn and rested hands…almost as if we come full circle in our journey..time is what it is..i suppose when we accept that the passage may seem less frightening


  5. There’s an underlying melancholia in this poem. Maybe it’s just me. But I really like the gentleness of your words making time pass as it does each day, each moment. Your pictures enhanced my appreciation of your lines. They are beautiful.


  6. Hi there love your handle “moondustwriter” it caught my attention immediately. And you’re a poet too.
    Your piece on time was beautiful and reminded me of an book I read To Swear By The Moon. Reviewed on my blog.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on Second Chances. Very much appreciated.


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