The Wall #haiku

I never saw the Berlin wall. I do remember when it came down and was happy. I was 9 and my school teacher told a story about a wall that was built in one night. He didn’t talk about a city split in half  or the political ramifications; he just told us that he woke in the morning and could no longer visit his dad.

Berlin Wall

what did it stand for?

family separated

more than just bricks


Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is the Berlin Wall. Photo belongs to Chevrefeuilles

7 thoughts on “The Wall #haiku

  1. That was a crazy time in history. Such tension. Unfortunately, that’s been replaced by other craziness. I guess it’ll keep going till we’re all done – for good!


  2. I clearly remember the day we were told it had come down, something no-one believed would ever happen. I went to Berlin for the Pink Floyd concert “The Wall” a concert they had said they’d only perform again the day the Berlin Wall came down. It was incredible. The atmosphere is something I’ll never forget. Never have I experienced the presence of hope so strong that you could almost reach out and touch it with your hands.


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