All the Leaves are Brown #californiadrought #watershortage

central valley water

days of drought
catch the rain in a jar
each drop precious


price of admission

turn fresh produce into weeds

highest bidder

I continue to read ridiculous reports of fights for water in California. I drive through the Central Valley and see new vineyards cropping up and the dairy industry, walnut, almond, pistachio orchards along with fresh produce (that supply a nation) are being killed. A nation’s stupidity cannot feed her people.

7 thoughts on “All the Leaves are Brown #californiadrought #watershortage

  1. Drought is a frightful and tremendously dis-empowering experience. I know. I have been through a long one two. One of the most poignant experiences I’ve had in my life was the night I sat talking with a fellow shepherdess, who was from Australia. We were attending a World Sheep and Wool Congress Show and Sale in Edmonton, Alberta, my home at the time. She described to the the sound of rain on a tin roof after 7 years of drought, after digging pits to hold all the carcasses of dead sheep, after straining day in and day out for the sound that might save them all. We have been far to lavish with our use of most everything from this planet, especially here in North America. Farsightedness has never been our strength.


  2. Once a river in the jungle, it is now a trench in the desert.
    Once a trench in the desert, it is now a river in the jungle.
    __Weather patterns have been changing since our earth began; (BUT) it is we humans that increase the rapidity, the depth and danger of those changes. Soylent Green?

    dusty eyes
    the cause of these dry tears
    desert winds



  3. I ask for rain each night in the dry places. We have been blessed this year with much rain. Oh, that I could share.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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