The Power of Music #poetry


musical outlines

stopped midstream

notes drown out the chaos

brass makes waves


the musical challenge

merge voices into one

I weave with a blue thread

you weave with a red

the result is wild purple

the moment pulls at you

when perfect harmony meets

anticipation grew

the moment hot with fury

the crowd, none can speak

notes soar for a moment

rise are at their peak

there is in that moment

wave’s untapped energy

voices in perfect satisfaction

base clef synergy


For any of you who have been musicians there is that bubble that you are in when the baton is raised – the world is suspended  and you the musician have this magical power for one endless moment..


This poem is written for Poets United the prompt for the week is Power.

19 thoughts on “The Power of Music #poetry

  1. the moment pulls at you
    when perfect harmony meets
    anticipation grew

    This is lovely ❤ nothing like the power of music to lift our spirits 🙂
    Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,


  2. it’s interesting but I never considered the power of music when I started my spin for the prompt, but it makes so much sense. It inspires, it raises awareness, it makes people stop their bickering and enjoy life if only for a moment, it jogs memories and brings people closer, what could be more effective and simpler than the power of music?


  3. i am curious about that moment – i feel like everything freezes in the side of the musicians. wrong timing would ruin everything from the first note.


  4. The thought of the young fending for themselves can be of much concern. One is not certain if they can get a decent meal before retiring for the night. Some may not even have a place to stay! Well said Moonie!



  5. The crazy thing about music is that there’s so much out there that there’s literally something for every mood imaginable. …There’s music to calm you down, there’s music to put you in an ethereal state, there’s music to pump you up and there’s music that simply serves to take away silence. I have felt the power of music, Leslie. Great lines…


  6. I love the use of colour…it makes perfect sense…being in the zone – musically, poetically, artistically cannot be beaten – far better than any synthetic distortion of reality


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