A Garden of Verse #poetry



I thumb through the archives

unfold fiddleback of verse

and the more anticipation

 the more memories I traverse

that poem written with a tear

that one in-between a kiss

hold each  discarded petal

not wanting the meaning to miss

I live between the stanzas

in a garden you can’t see

connect the dots together

the poetry is me



This is a funny/ reflective poem for the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. As I went through archived work and drafted private (for submission only) work I realized how rich we are to be able to embrace life in words. To each poet thank you for this is a life we share in the garden of verse.


27 thoughts on “A Garden of Verse #poetry

  1. As I read through this beautiful poem.. I remembered your loving words to me.. just a few months ago.. that a garden of verse resides in my heart…which is yet to flow. Love you ❤


  2. I agree that perhaps these lines are true for many poets….we who live between the lines. Smiles. I always think that if one reads a person’s poetry enough one does indeed ‘connect the dots’ and know the poet well! I enjoyed the way you expressed this idea, Leslie.


  3. i smiled while reading this as if i am lead to a place i’ve wanted to see for a long time. thanks for sharing how some of the verses came to life 🙂


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