Beckoned by … Silence #poetry

mountain dawn

Silent  touch upon my fingertips

in awe I barely breathe

captivated by the moment

how can I this place ever leave

Upon the plains I live

where golden waves rush by

but in my heart I cling

majestic eagle soaring high

To the mountain I’ll return

lay upon grassy bed

beneath the canopy of stars

dreams swirl about my head

With the dawn willingly rise

light greeting forth the day

not closing now my eyes

hands lifted, silent I pray

Shared with Poet’s United Midweek Motif – the theme this week is “Silence.”

How or where does silence beckon you?


33 thoughts on “Beckoned by … Silence #poetry

  1. This makes me think that silence is both a place within ourselves and the outside world – perhaps internal silence is not noiseless rather a place of acceptance and wisdom


  2. There is no more wonderful silence than lying in a grassy bed beneath the stars. Reminds me of tent-camping days! And what a beautiful ending — raising one’s hands in prayer. Lovely writing, Leslie.


  3. I like the contrast of the grounding as a mountain but flying as an eagle. It is not always easy to find that place of silence and peace by on your knees is the best place I know to start


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