Nothing Flows for Free #californiadrought #poetry

three rivers canvas

I grew up on a river

 no longer does it  flow

 like so much else

where it’s  gone

no one knows

I cut my teeth on a river

ran freely to the sea

blind men’s bluff

was once a game

I’m cynical can’t you see

I tossed my sorrows on the river

actually there are three

well there were

man used them up

nothing flows for free

I grew up on a river

 no longer does it flow

 like so much else

where it’s  gone

nobody knows…

central valley water

price of water

Photographs: Three Rivers when they flowed in California, Year three of a five year drought, Year four of the five year drought (yes there is still water but  independent farmers (and dairymen) cant get it unless you are lining the pockets of …)

The prompt at Poet’s United Midweek Motif is Watershed Moments. We all have them what are yours?

26 thoughts on “Nothing Flows for Free #californiadrought #poetry

  1. There are few things as comforting as a river in those moments. When what we let go flows further away from us. I cut my teeth on a river – i like that line as it could go several ways. I feel a bit of a ping at the loss of the river in the end as there are many things from my past that I lost. Some for the better and others, not so much.


  2. Andso the watershed and everything related to it changes–the landscape of the spirit as well as the land. Beautifully penned and song-like. It needs a guitar and a voice.


  3. A sad and dark piece, sadness is a state that one can drown in. Even though the river no longer flows, the acknowledgement liberates our feelings, but are we ever set free, I wonder?


  4. This is tragic and beautifully penned, Leslie….”I grew up on a river….” The photos are striking. This poem makes a powerful statement about climate change, especially by its simplicity. I love it!


  5. I grew up on a river too, which thankfully still flows. It shapes you, doesn’t it? I imagine the drying up does so too, in other, less welcome ways – as you indicate.


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