The Stacks #library #books

across the books

they have so many stories to tell

leather bound,  some think some thin

heavy or light like a feather

more tales, imaginations to spin


grabbing for our attention

but wait before you go

look down deep to the archives

untold journeys you know


into dust willing I descend

books so large it takes two

who knows the pages turned

by famous people who knew


conjurors of mystery

history will claim the stash

faded away are prose, poetrys

hidden in this place of the past


6 thoughts on “The Stacks #library #books

  1. Hi Moondust – yes so many dusty books that make up libraries – public and private .. love them all – I’ve just bought a book published in 1903 .. the paper is thick, almost blotting paper like, while the edges were cut with a not too sharp cutter .. common I’m sure .. but it’s quite light in weight too .. it has that dusty smell as well ..

    Your belch of history could be so true .. so much lost over time .. cheers Hilary


  2. I read your poems, sometimes I can write a few words about the poem, other times, it’s best not to type anything but read and enjoy, this is one of those days. Best wishes to you Leslie. 🙂


  3. __Any old book is worth a dollar, you never know what might be found. I attend estate sales often and old books are my favorite hunt. _m

    estate sale
    one buck for this dusty book
    a signature


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