Atone #poem #UN #yomkippur

gettysburg rock

Against the rocks in the stream

I rub each garments clean

“erase the dirt,” I whisper silently

I examine my garment against the sun

blood streams down my arms

“cleansing is bloody work”

none cares for flesh torn

some things must be born

I finally finish my pile

I see a long line of  laundry

“wash us this day

tomorrow we cannot be grey”

the rocks, stream, and I understand

“someone must atone for the grime*

of man’s poor choices”

I lift the last piece toward the ebbing light


Today (at sundown) is Yom Kippur there is much sin* to shed. UN leaders cast their sins into a New York river today in a symbolic act. Is it enough for the peace that we clamor for?







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