Changes #poetry #photography

golden gate pm

Gold with little rain

I drive through the veil of yesterday

hoping little has changed

I can’t quite see behind

I see tracings of what lies ahead

the giants in today’s sky

are the least of what I dread

San Francisco and the Northern Bay area (of California) will always be considered home. I dont like seeing the changes that the drought has wrought on the state. I like seeing less the effects the drought is having on nature. Wildlife is driven into the cities in search of food and water. The deer are beautiful (though quite lean); the mountain lions a little less desirable.

The Daily Post Challenge for this week is Change.

6 thoughts on “Changes #poetry #photography

  1. Someone asked me why I keep filling up my little pond with water…and I watch the quail, coyotes, road runners and other critters drink and say…oh I consider it a thank you to nature during our four year drought.


  2. Lovely poem, Leslie. A reminder that today always brings its own gifts and adventures. Sorry to hear about the drought, and animals wandering into cities is not a good thing. They must be really thirsty and hungry, desperate. Hope it all gets better soon and some relief is on the way.


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