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Rainy Day #poetry

leaf drop

Scattered about

by big raindrops

little feet

water puddles seek

some under hoods

umbrellas hide

 creatures burrow

wait for God’s rainbow

rainbowecho 3924852858_53e886bc91

Shared with Poet’s United Poets Pantry.

The picture of the rainbow I found years ago and I dont know who to attribute the beauty to.

32 thoughts on “Rainy Day #poetry

  1. been raining here for a week cold and damp, misty today . I hear the rainbow is coming Tuesday though it has made for some nice inside the house time with the boys


  2. Hi Leslie, I’ve joined poetry 201 course, it starts from tomorrow the 5th October, it’s a two week course. I know I’d make everyone laugh with my kind of poetry, I can always claim I know a terrific poet her name is Leslie.
    The raindrops and little feet sounds great. 🙂


  3. It is a phenomenon that when we are little we seek out puddles to splash in and when we get older we worry about getting our feet wet..i think the first option is the healthiest – and the most fun! roll on rainy days..they are what you make them i suppose


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