No Labels- Please #poetry


Held together by determination

the glue is my own recipe

one that none can read

Unclean, unacceptable, unnnnn

 I never fit into your world

your scissors cut me long ago

 in the dusty disregard pile

and there I remain in your mind

(but not so in mine)

 A blue spring breeze went off course

entered through un-mended crack

grabbed the discard pile

  into the sky I was cast

laughter with the sun, what I have become

 with moonlight I often dance

I tease edges of starry chance

no more the stain, your chagrin

skipping over yesterdays fails

for this I finally learned

“you can only define something that allows it”

 too free to allow your opinion to burn

 altered  by whimsy’s determination

 held together by life’s blend

my label none can read it

unless you too dance with the wind

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