Unidentified #poetry #abuse #photography



You, Incapable of feeling

or so it seems

I, possessed by terror

resides in dreams

cast a spell

in this heart of mine

red dripping ink

 from a living hell

you callous fiend

no friend of mine

you sacrificed

a love so fine

I turn away

write painful verse

loose the bonds

release the curse

a child once

no longer am

a whipping post

scarred face and hands


cold stone welcome

each day a path away from pain

freedom’s warmth

moon photo

Many children, women know abuse at the hand of another. It seems that one thrives on causing pain while the other is starved for love. The one never feels and the other becomes numb to feeling. Unfortunately (for the abused) being whipped is better than being cast into the pit of “forgotten.”

It can take a lifetime to walk away; even may mean waking to the reality of cold stone.


The prompt this week at Poet’s United is Identity

18 thoughts on “Unidentified #poetry #abuse #photography

  1. ___Sometimes the justice of nature balances itself, without human aid.

    His rage
    bloodied my eyes,
    and constent deeper pain.
    He cut that rage in this Cold Stone;
    his name.


  2. Each day a path away from pain……that is wonderful, Leslie…….turning from the cycle of abuse. You are right in your notes, in understanding that cycle occurs when someone is starved for love. Great write.


  3. Bravely and assuredly written – the hardest part isn’t walking away physically in all cases – but inside..sometimes we carry on the abuse ourselves..and the only way out seems like a cold stone..i hope i hope that there is always an alternative


  4. As someone, who has survived domestic abuse, by a family member, from my childhood years, into adulthood, this poem cuts deep, into me. It has been just over 3 years, since I have broken off all contact, with my last family abuser, who is my mom. And yes, the psychological scars are the hardest wounds to heal, even decades later, with PTSD flashback and night terrors.


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