Suffocated #poetry


 you placed a plastic bag over my mouth

“breathe deep, you will feel much better”

I trusted each of you in my darkest hour

“don’t breathe,” I heard the warning too late

I was sucked dry

my creativity stolen

 you walk on broken shells of what was never yours

This poem is for all the people who have been hacked, had their ideas, art or writing stolen. Your work is white washed with a fresh name placed on top. You lose less than the thief.

10 thoughts on “Suffocated #poetry

  1. Plagiarism is, a crime of those, who don’t know, how to create something original, on their own. Having seen a writing site, almost self-destruct, over this very issue, as everyone took a side, and launched nasty flame attacks, at the other side. I wish you’re find some justice, with this person, who stole your creativity.


  2. I had to start using a different way to express my signature… as someone stole my initials so they could post porn…
    So far though I don’t know of anyone …yet taking my actual words. But then… I haven’t looked.

    I hope you can once again breath with calm creative juices.

    Thank you for your visit… I’m going to continue my look see for that flit of red cardinal at your site, hugs, Jules


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